Hello You! magazine #4

22/12/2006 Check out DJ's adventures at the airport in the fourth edition of Hello You cover and comic by clicking here! And I will upload a lot of images of the new game soon. Promise. Oh, and a happy new year of course :-)

Hello You! magazine #3

05/12/2006 Cover and comic for Hello You magazine #3 are online now. This time DJ explores a movie set and meets some famous film-characters.

Hello You! the Game

06/11/2006 Take a look at some screenshots of Hello You the Game.

Hello You! magazine #2

31/10/2006 I added the second episode of Hello You!, both comic and cover. This month's theme is World Hello Day, and what better place to practise than in the skatepark. Right? I will put some new images of Hello You! the Game online in a couple of days.

Hello You!

29/09/2006 Well ladies and gents, let the fun begin. As mentioned earlier, I have been working on artwork for a magazine, including cover-illustrations for a full year, a comic, promo-material (such as posters) ánd illustrations and animations for an internet game. Well, the magazine is called Hello You! and it is being distributed on Dutch primary schools to learn the eldest children the English language and having fun at the same time!

Main character in the magazine is a little guy called DJ. He will have his little adventures in Hey DJ! Have a look at the first episode of this comic (updated monthly).

The cover illustrations will also be added monthly, ultimately forming one big illustration! So make sure to keep on checking the site for updates.

Last, Hello You! the Game is also online now, in which you can walk through the world of Hello You!, collecting handy objects, doing mini-games etcetera etcetera. Have a look at illustrations and animations at 'games' (once again; updated frequently :-)

KPN interface design

26/06/2006 Not been adding that much work lately, but will make it up with you soon. I have been asked to do the artwork for a magazine for a full year (cover, comic, poster and more). So expect a lot of frequently added illustrations starting somewhere this summer!

Also been working on quite a lot of illustrations and animations in a new style, which I hope to put online soon (including a proper mini-website).

For now, added an interface design I made for KPN. Check it out at 'web'.

De langste trein van Nederland

03/05/2006 In need for a holiday? Well, one lucky fellow went to Dubai by winning a competition called 'De langste trein van Nederland' (The longest train in the Netherlands). Check it out at 'adds'.

Management Team magazine and Unibanco Portugal

23/03/2006 Took some time to show new works, but had a lot of pixels to come up with. Added three editorial illustrations for Management Team and made my piece de résistance (so far): an illustration for the new mini visacard by Unibanco (Portugal). Click your mouse to brandnew to have a look...

KPN telecom building animations

07/02/2006 The kpn telecom building with the hugh led-screen I told you about, I put a picture of it at the bottom of this page. My animations are still on-air, so if you're in Rotterdam some day, feel free to check them out.

New site, animations www.nu.nl and Aegon illustrations

30/01/2006 Hi there and welcome to my new site. A little less yellow, a little more white. Added a 'brandnew' page and on popular demand I've put a news-section on the site, so I guess from now on you can catch up with the stuff I am working on. Will do my best to update on a frequent basis.

So, just finished work for a news-site (illustrations and animations), also added an editorial one and some illustrations for a cd-booklet. Feel free to check them out at brandnew. Oh, and added 4 animations which i have made for broadcasting on one of the coolest buildings in rotterdam, the kpn telecom building which has a hugh led-screen. A little bit older bit still worthwile.

Meantime, working on quite a big illustration showing a portuguese cityscape. expect that one somewhere in march or april.
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