Intermediair magazine

18/12/2007 Found some time to upload new work; cover and inlay illustration for Intermediair magazine. Website design and illustrations for calendar will follow. Merry christmas and a wonderful 2008 to all!

New site, work and award

08/11/2007 Welcome (back) to my site new style! With a lot of cool features for now and the near future. The shop will open soon. Thanks to Nick Koning for helping out with the php programming (could be some bugs crawling around though, will do my best to exterminate them asap :-)

Added new works; illustrations for the Dutch association of pharmacists and for the American association of convenient stores (NACS). That's quite a mouth full.

And last but certainly not least, Hello You! the game - which I did all the artwork for - received the prestigious 'Cinekid New Media Award 2007'.

08/10/2007 Check out the animations and sitedesign I did for internet serviceprovider Protagonist by clicking here.

Goodies magazine

24/09/2007 Added an illustration I did for Goodies magazine.

Hello You! the Game

28/08/2007 Uploaded a lot of screenshots from games I made for Hello You! the Game. Check site for demoversion and examples.

Playboy magazine

20/07/2007 Added an illustration I did for Playboy magazine. Will upload images of Hello You! the Game, Goodies magazine and a website design soon.

Hello You! poster

25/5/2007 FINISHED! The big illustration formed by all the seperate covers of Hello You! is a wrap. Last stop for DJ was the zoo, where he is fooling around with the monkeys (and Bokito is not one of them). Will keep you informed about how to get your hands on the poster. Images of Hello You! the Game will follow soon (that's a promise :-)

Hello You! magazine #9

02/05/2007 The big illustration which is formed by all the seperate covers of Hello You! is almost finished. Eight down one to go, so to speak. In this month's episode DJ is at the central station trying to catch the train. Hopefully, he makes it to the zoo next month. Will keep you informed about how to get your hands on the poster.

I will also put a lot of images of Hello You! the Game online soon, which is up and running for some time now and growing steadily. Also expect a design for a videoplayer and artwork and animations for a website soon.

Hello You! magazine #8

02/04/2007 One of DJ's favourite hobbies: football. And he is enjoying it both on as off the football field... Take a look at the football stadium in this month's episode of Hello You.

Hello You! magazine #6

02/03/2007 DJ is at the fun fair, having fun and eating a lot of candy. Ain't that smart though... Check out cover and comic of Hello You! #6

Hey DJ!

29/01/2007 DJ is working hard because in this month's episode of Hey DJ! he is in the harbour helping the sailors a little. Have a look at the new cover and comic. Meanwhile, the big illustration (formed by all the seperate covers) is growing steadily...
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